YSTUDIO is dedicated to sharing the beauty of words of designing timeless stationery. From humble beginnings to a worldwide brand, YSTUDIO's writing instruments are sold in more than 37 countries across the world, a testament to how well the products perform. Every single pen is designed by Yi and Yanko; co-founders of YSTUDIO with a shared passion for fine design and even better writing. Together, they've set their sights on creating visions that are beautiful not only on paper, but in practical and everyday use, with materials designed to last a lifetime. If you know the brand, then you'll know that Brass is the leading character and features either wholly or in part, in every one of their designs. All of YSTUDIO's writing instruments feel weighty and a real pleasure to use; their timeless design and use of materials means that these are tools designed to be owned and cherished for a lifetime. 


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Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Red]Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Red]
Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Blue]Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Blue]
Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Green]Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Green]
Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Brass]Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Brass]
Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Black]Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen [Black]
YSTUDIO Brass Ballpoint Pen [Twist Mechanism]YSTUDIO Brass Ballpoint Pen [Twist Mechanism]
Ystudio Brass Ballpoint Pen [Spring Mechanism]Ystudio Brass Ballpoint Pen [Spring Mechanism]
ystudio Rollerball Pen - Brassystudio Rollerball Pen - Brass
ystudio Ballpoint Pen - Blackystudio Ballpoint Pen - Black
Sold out
ystudio Brassing - Rollerball Penystudio Brassing - Rollerball Pen
Ystudio Desk Fountain Pen + StandYstudio Desk Fountain Pen + Stand
Ystudio Desk Fountain Pen + Stand
Sale priceFrom £200.00
ystudio Portable Fountain Penystudio Portable Fountain Pen
ystudio Portable Fountain Pen
Sale priceFrom £180.00
ystudio Portable Ballpoint Penystudio Portable Ballpoint Pen
ystudio Portable Ballpoint Pen
Sale price£100.00
Ystudio 0.7mm Gel Ink Refill (black)Ystudio 0.7mm Gel Ink Refill (black)
Sold out
Ystudio Ballpoint Pen Refill (black)Ystudio Ballpoint Pen Refill (black)
ystudio Resin Fountain Penystudio Resin Fountain Pen
ystudio Resin Fountain Pen
Sale price£80.00
ystudio Resin Rollerball Penystudio Resin Rollerball Pen
ystudio Resin Rollerball Pen
Sale price£45.00
ystudio Letter Paper Set - Carbonless copyystudio Letter Paper Set - Carbonless copy
Sold out
ystudio Classic Bookmark Setystudio Classic Bookmark Set
ystudio Brass Sketching Pencilystudio Brass Sketching Pencil
ystudio Rulerystudio Ruler
ystudio Ruler
Sale price£19.00
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ystudio Magnet Setystudio Magnet Set
ystudio Magnet Set
Sale price£19.00
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ystudio -- Postcard Setystudio -- Postcard Set
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ystudio Pencil Lead Box Brassystudio Pencil Lead Box Brass

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