Yamato Japanese Craft Glue 100g

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Yamato's Japanese 'washi-nori' craft glue is ideal for delicate crafting and for use with washi paper. The consistency of the paste is light and silky which means it doesn't dry instantly and can be repositioned a few times, just before it dries. The paste is wrinkle free and can be applied either with a brush or with your fingers - dab lightly against the glue and smooth onto paper or light sheets of washi. Packed in a screw on lid container with traditional Japanese printing, each tub contains approximately 100g of paste.

  • Traditional 'washi-nori' Japanese crafting paste
  • Light and silky texture, applies with ease
  • Wrinkle free when applied and dries smooth
  • Suitable for use in delicate crafting projects e.g. when using thin sheets of washi paper or tracing paper
  • Consistency of glue is not wet and will not seep through paper
  • Can be applied with a brush or with fingers - lightly dab the paste and dot onto paper
  • 100g screw-on lid container

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