Blackwing Blue [4 pencils]

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The Blackwing Non-Photo Blue Pencils represent an innovative addition to the drawing and illustration sector. This set consists of 4 pencils, each featuring a non-photo blue core that fades when scanned or photocopied, a unique feature that brings convenience to artists and illustrators. Key attributes of these pencils include:

  • Non-photo blue cores create lines disappear during scanning or photocopying, negating the need to erase sketch lines.
  • Construction from genuine incense-cedar, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip.
  • Soft, smooth colour core for precise sketching and line work.
  • Large, extendable, and replaceable rectangular eraser.

With the Blackwing Non-Photo Blue Pencils, businesses can add an efficient and versatile tool to their art-related offerings, enhancing their product portfolio.

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