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The Line, a young French brand created by a former carpenter Antoine Daniel, envisions and designs beautiful items representing some of the most iconic cities in the world.

The Line travels across the globe to take pictures of cities and turns them into a timeless, thin and refined line. More than just presenting a beautiful design, The Line is offering a detailed point of view on a city and its history. What you see on the line, is exactly what you would see if you were standing on one of the sides which makes this brand so special and personal. The Line cares so much about perspectives and landscape topography, that their goal is to stay as close to reality as possible. 


        Dedicated to Travelers 

All their designs are entirely created and made in France. Lines are laser-cut in a 1.5-mm thick sheet of steel and are then processed in black or golden with 24K fine gold. Each design comes in two sizes in a beautiful and clean cardboard package.
The Line is something different from your usual souvenir items - it is a stylish approach to cities and each design brings a new story to life.

The Line is a perfect fit for design or lifestyle led stores, seeking for creative inspiration or made in France products. The brand is dedicated to travellers and city lovers who are looking to bring home a piece from their trip which encapsulate a special moment of their journey, but also to design aficionados looking for clean minimal items to decorate their home. 

November 19th

Meet The Founder of The Line

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Hi Antoine, before starting to talk about The Line, can you tell us a bit more about you and your background?

Hi ! I am French, I enjoy my life in Paris.  As my father is an architect, I have always lived in a nice environment in pretty well designed homes with beautiful proportions and I have always been sensitive to objects and spaces. After my studies, I needed to know how the objects were made, I needed to make things. I studied cabinet making at the Ecole Boulle in Paris. Then I worked as a carpenter in a great studio that made impressive scenery. I worked as a carpenter on fashion shows, opera decoration, and the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco! I had a good time working there. After that, I set up my own workshop where I designed and made my own furniture. I produced chairs, tables and specific pieces for artists in a big workshop full of machines. I left that job to create The Line just a year ago.

How did you come up with The Line?

It really is a fun combination of circumstances. When I was a carpenter, my father and I often discussed of the proportions of my drawings, dovetailing... Sometimes we had an idea and I was making it. One day, returning from a boat trip, he took a picture of Marseille from the sea at sunrise, the photo was beautiful and let appear the great silhouette of the city. We surveyed to find out what could be done to the photo without framing it. Returning to Paris, on the train, I drew from the photo, without lifting my pencil, a line representing the city. I scanned it and I laser cut it from a sheet of steel. This is the most suitable technique for accurate cutting in a material that does not break. I then offered it to my parents who hooked it at home. A week after, all their friends wanted one for their home. I made a nice packaging, created a logo and a graphic identity. I sold some to friends of my parents, and I decided to present the product to a shop in Marseille. I've sold the 200 items I had made in 10 days ... I decided to replicate the idea in Paris and The Line was born. I never had time to go back to my shop to make furniture.

Where did you start the brand? Did the location influenced you?

The Line was born in Marseille and so am I. It is a very special city, I am in love with it. Marseille deserves to be known better despite its very bad reputation. It's a city where there is some of the poorest neighbourhoods of France, but also one of the richest neighbourhood. People do not know it but Marseille is one of the most beautiful city in the world! One thing that is specific to Marseille is the people who lives there. They deeply love their city, they are very attached and proud of it. When The Line came out, it worked very well there because it's an object that represents the city in an honest and minimalistic way. People hung it in their place almost as a religious object, they were proud to show from where they are coming from. 

You are dedicating your brand to city lovers, which are your favourite cities and why?

Marseille ! You can’t imagine how cool it is. You can go boating in the creeks which are as beautiful as the Greek islands. The climate is warm and sunny most of the year. In Marseille, you can have a quality of life that you cannot have in Paris for example.

What’s your approach to design?

I'm a purist but it does not prevent me from being influenced by various universes such as Donald Judd, Enzo Mari or closer to us Piet Hein Eek. What I like about these three designers is that they have a real manufacturing process, they draw in order to make. It's smart design with strong biases!

What’s the next step for The Line?

The Line is a baby, and we want to grow. We want to continue our city collection, to expand our production, and to work with good retailers across the globe. It is important that during each of your trip you can bring back your line. We will not confine ourselves to the cities, and we will renew our brand, but it is still too early to talk about that...