We believe in the power of design and how it can shape our daily lives. That’s why we only work with brands that successfully mix quality craftsmanship and forward thinking to curate genuine and inspiring goods for our retailers.


Volumes of fragrance and distinctive design

Launched in London in 2015, Aybury is a unique, gender neutral body product line built on two simple commitments: to use only the highest quality scents and lotions sourced from the world’s best providers, and to deliver their evolving products in the most beautiful, minimalist way. When it comes to design, Aybury is addicted to the belief that ‘less is more’ and this purity is reflected in the simplicity and design of the brand.

Maak Lab

Scent Lab inspired by the surroundings of Portland & Pacific Northwest

Maak Lab is an exploration and experimentation of the habits. Playing with nature from the streets, plant-based scents, and the Pacific Northwest environment, Maak Lab works to reconstruct the ephemeral moments from nature for utility, habit, and pleasure. Designed and made in Maak Lab’s flagship retail-production shop in downtown Portland, Oregon.


Ten minutes of soothing aroma

Unique Japanese incense sticks with a retro feel. Based on the enjoyment of fragrance and how it improves and shapes our daily lives, Hibi encourages you to take a moment, pause and enjoy 10 minutes of delicate aroma. Light the match by striking it, lay it on its exclusive mat and abandon yourself to Hibi’s natural fragrance surrounding you.

Asemi Co

Contemporary design meets traditional Japanese crafts

Asemi’s line of pottery is created using century old traditional Japanese pottery techniques and combines them with a clear contemporary design to lead a genuine style of craftsmanship and knowledge into the future.

+10 Socks

Playful socks for adventurous spirits

Established in Taiwan in 2012, +10 bring imagination and superb quality into everyday goods. Nature and sceneries inspire the brand’s creations. Combined with modern design and constant experimentation in the traditional sock industry, +10 uses a rich variety of materials to open up your adventurous spirits and playful hearts to the world.


Cult Spanish erasers

Famed for its creative and innovative spirit, MILAN has been a family enterprise since 1918, when the first synthetic rubber erasers were launched. The combination of design and functionality, with the addition of attractive colours and quality materials, is what makes MILAN products absolutely unique. MILAN’s range includes a wide variety of products, from stationery to school, office, desk accessories. There is so much to love in our MILAN collection.



Design inspired by nostalgia

Ystudio bring a touch of nostalgia to their ‘The Weight of Words’ collection, creating beautiful writing instruments and desktop accessories that will last the test of time.



The Cult TRAVELER’S Notebook & Company

TRAVELER’S Notebook crosses the line between stationery and accessory. One of our bestselling lines, TRC also comprises BRASS Collection, KRAFT Envelope and SPIRAL Notebook.


Cult Pencils

The pencil used by Steinbeck, Sondheim, Chuck Jones and a host of other artistic giants. Like most Notable brands, Blackwing is at home everywhere.

The Line

The Line

Silhouettes for city lovers

The Line brings fresh perspective to some of the world’s most iconic skylines in its search for the most beautiful view of each city.


The ordinary re-imagined

March is a young product development studio, always looking for ways to re-invent the ordinary, from unique edibles to clever apparel.


Fine Japanese paper and stationery

Established in 1949, LIFE produces high quality paper and stationery with a worldwide following. Uncommon and difficult to find outside Japan.

Hightide Co

Japanese stationery and lifestyle goods

A fresh, vibrant Japanese brand with more than a little nostalgic influence. Hightide incorporates Hightide, Penco and Nähe brand goods.


Cult Japanese Planner

Notable Designs is proud to bring the Hobonichi Planner (the international version of the Techo) to the UK. With a cult following in Japan, Hobonichi was almost impossible to find outside it.

Iconic Design

Refined Korean design

Iconic is loved for its refined, clean design and sometimes whimsical stationery and lifestyle goods.


Japan’s famous stationery brand

Midori has a unique mix of the cute and quirky, instantly recognisable designed loved by Japanese stationery addicts worldwide.

Happily Ever Paper

Experimental design with paper

The designers behind Happily Ever Paper clearly have no interest in the ordinary. Their designs from notebook to desktop item appear experimental in feel yet functional in practice.

Danzo Studio


Design focused desktop objects

Danzo Studio is a young design studio based in Taipei City. The Danzo Landscape series and Tealight 147 present a fresh new perspective on the way we interact with common everyday objects.

Good Morning

Distinctive Japanese calendars

Good Morning’s calendars are exciting, surprising and conversation starters. Not your average desk calendar.


Human Mechanic Method

HMM interprets artefacts in a heartfelt way to create works that not only function but breathe life into their designs. Mugs, Coffee-ware, Scoops and delicate glass pots all form part of HMM’s design focused range.


Experimental design stationery and lifestyle goods
METAPHYS strive to intelligently redesign our everyday items, from stationery to household furniture.

TOAST Living

A slice of design

TOAST Living combines the best in design and living. Copper and glass are infused to create iconic pieces and stylish, inspired homeware to use and enjoy.


Winner of more than 10 international design awards
TreAsia seeks to pursue beauty in design for all those who appreciate beauty in design.

22 Design Studio

22 Design

Design sculpted from concrete

22 breaks the mould. From their studio in Taipei, a city made of concrete and steel, 22 redefines these materials with their designs to create bold and unique products.


B-Side Label is made up of Japanese artists who create stickers and express themselves through their individual pop art styles. All the stickers are waterproof and covered with UV protective film.

MD Paper

Simplicity embodied in beautiful paper

MD is a creation based on the desire to encourage people to enjoy the pleasures of writing and to appreciate the nature of the materials used in the craft.

Each Woodhi card is unique. The cards are made of maple, a wood essence carefully chosen for its technical and aesthetic qualities. Each collection is made in collaboration with artists selected for their originality.


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